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Monday, 28 November 2016

Toddler assault at day care: Savage creche owner on the run

As the chief minister assured speedy justice to the mother of the toddler who was mauled so badly at a Kharghar playschool a week ago that she cracked her skull, the playschool owner skipped town after the police brought the attempt to murder charge against her and the attendant seen mangling the child in surveillance footage.

Ritisha, the nine-month-old whose abuse at Purva Playschool and Nursery in sector 10 on November 21 led to civil and political protests when the video surfaced and went viral, has retreated into a shell and panics if she is taken away from her mother, Ruchita Sinha, even for a moment. Her parents are still shaken.

The police, who are trying to locate the creche proprietor Priyanka Nikam -- suspected to be holed up in her hometown Kolhapur with her husband -- said she had plans to open another creche in Kamothe, where her father lives. Officials had earlier booked Nikam and attendant Afsana Sheikh for bailable offences, so Nikam secured release on a bond on Friday. Now that section 307 of the Indian Penal Code has been levelled against her, the cops are trying for the bail to be revoked.